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Learn to Use
Your Digital Camera

Often, when I am out taking pictures at events and weddings, I will run into people who are frustrated with the pictures they are taking. Often, there is no problem with the camera but the photographer hasn't had the time or the background to figure out how to use their camera properly. In just a few minutes with them I can usually help them over come one of their obstacles In one hour, at your convenience, we could move mountains!

  • This private class starts with where you are
    and teaches you how to take advantage of all of
    your digital camera's features. You will discover
    your camera's boundaries and tricks you can use to
    move beyond them.

  • During your class we will:
  • Go over the functions and settings of your camera
    (I need make and model before your class so I can
    get familiar with what it can and cannot do.)

  • Use those settings to learn and practice techniques
    that will make you a better photographer and help you
    overcome your cameras limitations.

  • $10 per hour, per person.
Call today and start taking great pictures with your
digital camera.