When you have a wedding,family reunion or Senior Portrait session : planning, anticipating and finally having the experience--It can be a whirlwind. When the rice is swept away, the cap and gown put away and everyone goes back to their busy lives, what you have left are memories...

...memories and hopefully wonderful images so you can enjoy the day again and again. My main goal as a photographer is to capture those moments throughout the day to allow you to enjoy every aspect of your event...even the parts you don't get to see firsthand.

With 10 years experience I can help you plan your unique and perfect wedding or reunion photos without being in the way of all the fun and special moments. To help you pick the right photographer for the job check out my Wedding Photo Guide "Apples to Apples" which features a checklist so you can make sure you are comparing photographer prices and features and so you know what questions to ask.

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Who am I? I've been doing photography for 20 years, wedding photography for 10 years. I live in East Burke with my husband, veteran Wedding DJ, my kids and assorted dogs, cats, goats and chickens...and I can't wait to hear about you!
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